Episode 23 - Blowin’ It Out Of Proportion

Look, this episode is kinda...tangential. If you're looking for our normal blend of concise narrative focus mixed with adroit observations about the human condition and the pervasive inevitablity of death, I'm sorry but your princess is in another castle. However, if you came seeking a veritable cavalcade of jokes told in the style of 1980's rap icon Kurtis Blow, then have we got a podcast for you. Pull up a chair (or don't, it's an easily transportable medium), relax, and get down with your bad self - provided you do so in a responsible manner. We don't want to get sued.
On this episode: Max helps Luke pull himself together. Morris and Toboggan tie up some loose ends. Jabs makes several new friends, and Murmur gets an adject lesson in Imperial bureaucracy. Well, check it out y'all - Basketball!
The players:

Tom as the DM

Jared as Maxidermy Gilberg

Alicia as Murmur Mouse
Ron as Morris P. Mossycrotch
Ricky as Toboggan
Kurt as Ponderous Jabs, the Rap Battle Bard

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 Theme Song Credit:

"Overworld" and "Adventure Meme" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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